Winter is Coming

Here it comes. Winter.

I've been preparing for everything Winter early this year just because my baby bundle is expected to arrive smack dap in the middle of the Holiday Season. As a seasoned Mother of two, I've learned a few things things: ONE, you are never prepared for what is to come and TWO, it's always best to be as prepared as possible! HA! 

ANYWAY! Here is a gorgeous winter graphic bundle that I spotted for you this week.

I'm already done designing my Christmas Cards for this year, but I'm considering using some elements here for a few design concepts I have in the works. Download the bundle here. XO!

Frostbound - by OpiaDesigns


"Grounded tones of juniper, combined with cold greys, hints of marsala and burnt sienna, to complete the colour palette. This is a subtile and delicate winter interpretation and it speaks of the first snow, misty and windy nights, quivering animals and heavy skies; simple, yet suggestive. The pack contains a lot of pre-made graphics, but also a big variety of individual elements." 


A Happy Monday Freebie


Guys! Today is Monday. Don't punch yourself in the face just yet, because I found an AWESOME freebie for you all! Marbling is on trend right now and our friends over at Creative Market are listening because this awesome graphic is free to download this week! So "yeah" for Monday. :) Download it right now before you fall asleep at your desk. Xo.