Angela Vivona, Owner & Designer of The AV Design Factory

Hello and welcome to The AV Design Factory!

Located on the south shore of Long Island The AV Design Factory is an intimate and luxury event stationer – run by yours truly – specializing in custom wedding invitations and design. 

The AV Design Factory is a place where beauty, design and mechanics meet. AVDF’s meaning is much deeper than just a design factory (hint, I’m really not a factory and I most definitely do not mass-produce here). Hard work and harder machines are used to produce something beautiful. I believe invitations are unique works of art that should be valued, cherished, and appreciated, and I consistently strive to create pieces that live between the lines of bold simplicity and plain elegance. Here, my work is personal and my work is business. This is my very, most personal work endeavor and it is essential to me to preserve the tradition of mailing beautiful correspondence.

As a NYC-based graphic designer who has worked in the industry for over a decade, I have a vast knowledge of fine print methods, typography, and a white-hot passion for paper. I guarantee that all of my energies and careful attention will be meticulously and devotedly printed or pressed into each individual invitation.

Client care is something I strive for, and I prefer to work closely with you throughout the creative process so your final piece is met with precision. I will also do my best to ensure any unique ideas are brought to vibrant life through custom design and attentive planning.

Once you become part of The AV Design Factory, you can expect a calm and fun experience infused with custom design, quality materials, and premium print work. Classically chic and modern in style, you will also notice a fine eye for detail in every piece.